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Roundcube webmail behind haproxy causing browser redirection issue

I’ve recently installed iRedmail Opensource mail solution for my domain

Roundcube  webmail can be installed during installation. IRedmail will allow you to choose either nginx or apache web server to host webmail and iredadmin portal.

I’ve had some issue with browser redirection loop once the iRedmail server is configured to sit behind the load balancer, in my case, behind HAPRoxy.

The out of the box configuration of iRedmail with apache, has configured roundcube webmail to do an auto redirect from http to https. – this cause some issues on my current setup, as all my front end systems are being terminated at a load balancer, which does SSL offloading including auto redirect from http to https.

Editing the following php file, and configuring force_https option to false resolves this issue.


$config['force_https'] = false;


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